My History

Growing up in a musical household I inevitably started learning instruments. I took the usual route and my first was the recorder, shock. This did develop and through secondary school I took up the flute, which I eventually got to grade seven although I suspect I’m rather rusty now. Shortly before university I picked up the bass guitar and during my uni days I started tinkering about on the guitar my parents bought me when I was about seven.

I’m not currently active in the musical scene but would love to get back into it, so if you know anyone looking for a bass player or a flautist then let them know of me.

David Garside

I played bass with David for about three years. In that time we did several gigs, had some rained off and cut an album. He signed with Frizz Records, who then supplied his backing musicians for him, and so we went our separate ways. Check out his YouTube Channel where you can here me on the Modern Mediaeval album.

About Me

Developer, musician and gamer; I love all three and have time for one. It's our work that proves our worth, not our words!

Senior developer at Tonik Energy