Holidays and Open Source

I noticed over Christmas that open source projects seem to get work done when the developers are not at work. This makes perfect sense but I’d not noticed it really until now, two projects that I use both got updates over the holidays. K9 Mail, a mail client for Android, got updated, bugs fixed and features added that I never new I was missing. The new feature to go to the next message when you delete is nice though, thanks for that K9 team.

The other project that got an update was the Yii Framework, a PHP Framework that brings us the good bits of Rails onto the PHP platform. In this release are two bug fixes that I submitted patches for, take a look at the changelog, see those two entries with “mcheale” against them, those are mine. Pretty chuffed that I’ve beed able to feed back into a project and that my patches were accepted. These two bugs have been in the issue tracker for at least six months but no-one has had the time to look into them, until Christmas that is.

So there I was, Christmas Eve, and these two bugs were annoying me, rattling around my head. So I sat down and investigated, came up with some solutions and added patch files to the issues. So there you have it, open source, you get involved and then you find yourself putting in time when you’re on holiday to make it better. I guess it proves the pleasure/pain theory!

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